I wanted to congratulate you on your history of computer graphics
book. I rate it as a Five star effort. *****  I picked up a copy at
Siggraph99 and have been enjoying reading it during renders. That’s
an amazing find where you show early Radiosity techniques from the
Nicely done!
Craig Barron  (Matte World Digital)
I just read through the copy that you left with me.  Good job.
I particularly liked it that you put in many little side bar anecdotes.
It makes historical things come alive.
Ed Catmull (President of Disney Animation and Pixar)
I just thought I'd let you know that a couple of copies of CG 101 trickled
into our office and people are clamoring to get them.  I was at the San
Francisco sales meeting and despite being very impressed with Terrence, I
had a hard time visualizing the book.  Now that I've seen it, I understand
the hype.  This is one that will go on the bookshelf at home.
Nice work,
Kit Kemper (International Rep. Pearson Education Publishing)
The ‘Historically Significant Companies’ and ‘Computer Graphics Timeline’ chapters
are simply superb, and for me, they made this book an absolute joy to read.
Paul Younghusband
Editor-In-Chief Visual Magic Magazine
Hats off to Terrance "tman" Masson for his book "CG 101: A Computer
Graphics Industry Reference"...
This thing is *staggering* in it's scope.
Besides that, it's pretty cool...
Good job dude.
Dave Nix (Artist)
The Book every Animator and Effects Artist has been looking for!
When it arrived I very quickly saw that I was not going to be disappointed
in any way!
The book covers so many useful topics including milestones of CG back to
1940, comprehensive descriptions of CG "tools of the trade", company
profiles, behind-the-scenes stories, etc.  Also you can find invaluable
information such as CG job descriptions, demo reel guidelines, etc
It is set out in a very comprehensive way, breaking topics down into distinct
areas such as Modeling, Compositing, Animating, etc. Each section then
contains huge amounts of information on that relevant subject, broken down
in alphabetical order, making it very easily to pick up and read and also
find things quickly.
Matt Leonard
"Great project you have going! Great idea!" -Frank Vitz
"Cool!" -Ken Perlin
"This is just such a great idea. This is a massive undertaking and I applaud you for doing it." -Sherry McKenna
"I like the idea.." -Sam Uselton
"... there is an astonishing lot of detail..."
"Great project, Amazing job, here. I'm sure you're getting comments from all over." -Brad deGraf
"Delighted to see the book is coming along.. your project sounds most interesting." -Carl Machover
"Great work- you've got a really good collection going. It was fun to read the old stories again." -Craig Upson
"Good news! I look forward to the book." -Greg Bear
"The book project sounds great," -Emily Nagle Green
"..do you really know what you've let yourself in for! Thanks for doing it, anyway" -Huw Jones